Who's Who
We are a small community of like-minded people who come together toward a greater understanding of Universal Laws, the power
of thought and positive thinking, spirit communication, spiritual healing, meditation, and the Divine within us.
Read about who's who in our church community.
The Pastoral Committee

The spiritual mission of the church is the
responsibility of the Pastoral Committee.
This is a dedicated group of five individuals,
elected by the membership of the church, to
envision and sustain the spiritual path for the
church. Meet the members of the
Meet the
The Board of Trustees

The operation and business of the church is
managed by the s
ix-member Board of
Trustees. These individuals are elected
by the membership of the church and serve
the church by setting policies, managing the
finances, and arranging for the care of the
church and its landscape. Meet the
members of the
Board of Trustees.
34 Warren Street
Salem, MA 01970  
(978) 745-2098