The First Spiritualist Church of Salem
Welcome to the Website of the First Spiritualist Church of Salem, NSAC. We invite you to explore our site, learn about the
philosophy of Spiritualism, and check out our upcoming events including a listing of Sunday
guest speakers.

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34 Warren Street, Salem, MA
SUNDAY April 29, please join us in welcoming animal communicator and medium Karen Daley 6:30 pm. This is the last Sunday of the month, so join us for the 5:30pm early service and then birthday cupcake Sunday at 6pm (April-born folks have a chance to win a birthday present!) Everyone is Welcome!!
Sunday April 29, 5:30pm early service; 6pm we invite you to join us for coffee, tea, and refreshments (and it is birthday cupcake Sunday for April-born "babies"), 6:30pm animal communicator and medium Karen Daley is our guest speaker/medium. Everyone is welcome!
Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here
Church Season 2017-2018

Beginning the Journey
April 29
Early Service at 5:30pm
Refreshments (Birthday cupcake
6 pm
Healing and Evening
Service with Karen Daley


NOTE: Our next early service at 5:30pm is April 29!
We are a community of like-minded
and like-hearted individuals who
embrace our collective and
individual spirituality. We affirm our
interconnectedness to each other
and to all expressions of life. We
recognize the divinity that resides
in each of us and strive to live
according to our Principles, leading
us to be kind and compassionate.

We look forward to welcoming you
to the First Spiritualist Church of